OpenCrowd is a design and technology services firm that builds custom web and mobile applications. Our primary focus is building custom 360 View Dashboards, Smart SearchBusiness Social Communities, Mobile Applications and big data solutions on Cloud Platforms. Using our unique approach and software framework we provide our clients a complete solution, beginning with shaping and refining the concept to launching and supporting their end product.

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  • Sushil Prabhu

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Brad Buck

    Technology Strategy

  • Shawn Traynor

    Head of Solutions

  • Nadir Jaffer

    Chief of Technology

  • Bob Howe


  • Rajiv Sohal

    Chief Architect

  • Breda Keating

    Head of HR & Operations

  • Sunil Badlani

    Engagement Manager

  • Stephen Coursen

    Director of Engineering

  • Prashanth Padmanabh

    Senior Engineer

  • Manju Tangalla

    Senior Developer