Speed, Innovation, Nimbleness, Transparency and Guaranteed Delivery are the fundamental elements underlying our approach.


Our approach is geared towards bringing your ideas to market in rapid time frames. Driven by a prototype-centric approach and utilizing highly collaborative teams organized around business expertise, user experience and technology allows us to get our clients to market quickly with solutions that meet their business needs.


At OpenCrowd we have an unwavering focus on creating a meaningful impact to the customer’s business. Consequently business analysis plays a crucial part in achieving this objective through every stage of our engagement lifecycle.

True to the Agile principles, business analysis is a shared team responsibility. In addition to the business analyst we involve the user experience designers, application architects, developers and above all the customers to create the analysis deliverables without which no application development effort could hope to succeed.

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Our philosophy to developing applications has always been to focus first and foremost on the users — understanding who are the users, what do they want to do and what's the best user experience we can design to help them accomplish their tasks and goals. We believe that this strong focus on the users and their activity is what yields user experience designs that are guaranteed to succeed.

We start by developing a deep understanding who are the users and what they want to do. This is the cornerstone for every subsequent design decision. The various user types are captured through user personas, developed in collaboration with the stakeholders. Next, user scenarios and story boards are developed as a means of analyzing the user activity and the tasks that the users undertake to achieve their goals. Armed with a deep understanding of the user audience and the goals they need to accomplish, the design team collaborates with the client users to brainstorm creative ideas and design the user experience. The user experience design results in the creation of a number of deliverables as we move toward finalizing the design.

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OpenCrowd is uniquely positioned to bring best of breed technologies to your enterprise or startup firm. Over the years, we have built experience in a variety of development technologies and have chosen to specialize in a handful to build amazing solutions in shorter timeframes.

While we can work with any technology that our clients have a strong preference for, we strongly encourage to take a look at our preferred technology frameworks and tools. For web development, we leverage Django (Python based framework) for startups and J2EE (Java based framework) for enterprises. For enterprise front-end development, we use Sencha Ext-JS. In order to extend applications with high performance search capabilities, we leverage ElasticSearch. For native mobile application development efforts, we use Appcelerator Titanium. Our deployments are generally done on Amazon AWS.