360 View Dashboard is OpenCrowd’s approach for designing and developing the next generation dashboard. This approach emphasizes 5 key capabilities we believe are required for dashboard applications: Visualization for insight at a glance; Analytics to discover and analyze; Smart Search to aggregate and correlate information from disparate data sources; Collaboration to enable real time decisions and, lastly; Mobile to access via multiple devices.

We believe that these features make 360 View Dashboard a central technology component in any enterprise organization.

Using our 360 View Dashboard approach, we have built many types of enterprise application such as Collateral Management Systems, Macro Economic Dashboards, and Credit Risk Platforms for some of the largest Top Tier Investment Banks. 

  • Visualization – quickly move from insight to decision with flexible graphs, charts and drop downs. Interact with data by changing dimensions and views. Increase productivity by quickly and easily filtering to make strategic decisions.
  • Analytics - agile and scalable Business Intelligence through OLAP, aggregation and alerts. Turn content into actionable insight by uncovering patterns, outliers, and unanticipated relationships.
  • ElasticSearch Solutions – Built on ElasticSearch, unify and access disparate silos of structured and unstructured data instantaneously using scalable index technology. Correlate, consolidate and access through a single location.
  • Collaboration – interact effectively by sharing and discussing documents, video, chat and realtime white boarding for increased efficiency and transparency. Online communities create, manipulate and improve how content is managed and shared.
  • Mobile – access information natively via iOS or android platforms using Appcelerator Titanium. Interact with information anywhere in both connected and disconnected environments. This way your data is always on and always accessible.


How can OpenCrowd help you with 360 View Dashboard?

OpenCrowd has developed a software framework and an approach to help deliver 360 View Dashboard capabilities to your enterprise. Our team will work with you to envision and build a custom solution. We help you identify and select key use cases in your organization that can benefit from 360 View Dashboard capabilities.

OpenCrowd has assembled a software framework that enables a 360 View Dashboard in a very rapid time frame.  The OpenCrowd framework is based on Django/Python and a set of various other open source products. Using this framework our team can configure, customize and assemble custom applications for your enterprise.  We are able to implement a wide variety of 360 View Dashboard applications within 90 days.

OpenCrowd can also assemble a custom 360 View Dashboard leveraging your current software stack. We have assembled multiple dashboards leveraging Ext JS and Java backend.