Companies now more than ever have the need to connect people and resources across geographies, organizational hierarchies and across their supply chain. Whether you are connecting company experts with clients or promoting dialog within the enterprise, business social applications enable discovery and interactions that might otherwise not take place. Social software provides the collaboration, information sharing, and discussion enabling tools that allow enterprises to unlock existing resources and harness their social capital in order to improve their operational efficiency and exceed their business goals. 

Our team has built several online communities that include both social and gated business communities. These communities and associated collaboration tools were assembled to meet specific objectives such as - improved employee communication and collaboration, idea management, customer communities to build customer loyalty, support groups, gated business communities etc.

Following are some of the features of these business-social applications:

  • Discussion – Create discussion topics and engage users
  • Chat – Allow users to chat in realtime using text  or video
  • Document Sharing – Share documents across the organization
  • Workspace – Create collaborative workspaces for users to congregate and solve issues
  • Activity Stream – Let users stay informed on activities of interest
  • Video – Embed video for more engaging product demonstrations and training purposes
  • Tagging – Allow users to tag content for later retrieval based on their own categorization
  • Ratings – Allow users to rate content to express the quality