Simplifying Enterprise Experience

Enterprise applications should be crafted and designed with the same level of passion and focus as consumer facing applications. Why? Because your most valuable asset, your people, have to use these applications every single day. Traditionally, large companies have not applied the same design standard to their user audience and failed to incorporate the quality of design for their internal applications, impairing employee efficiency.

Click here to watch our webinar on Building Enterprise Applications using Ext JS.

We believe that every view and key-stroke matters and that clear, consistent and simple design is the key to enterprise UI effectiveness and a positive experience. We develop our user interfaces based on these beliefs using the latest cutting edge front-end technologies.

This belief is our foundation when it comes to designing and developing user-centric applications that put power and greater control into the hands of the user. OpenCrowd's design and EXT JS practice can help you build user-centric platforms that reduce steps, integrate previously siloed systems and prioritize critical data so the user can work more effectively.


Streamlined Enterprise Applications are critical to the success of a large organization. Many of the legacy applications were built in siloed environments making the normal flow of business increasingly challenging for the user. 

In today’s fast-paced interconnected environment, enterprise users expect their applications to be user-friendly, customizable and integrated. These applications need to function more effectively so they can satisfy the users business requirements. 

Matching and using the right tool for the right job is both an art and a science which can only be created from experience. By leveraging our understanding of complex enterprise organizations, we systematically breakdown problems and map out creative solutions which can be re-used and shared across an enterprise.

Sencha Ext JS is one such tool that OpenCrowd uses to help solve complex Enterprise UI Challenges. Sencha Ext JS is the industry’s most powerful desktop application technology development platform for building modern Enterprise Class applications. As part of our Enterprise Design Service offering, we customize and extend the UI widgets that Ext JS provides, into the most powerful yet simple user experience for our clients. Click here to watch our webinar on Building Enterprise Applications using Ext JS.

By matching user needs with common UX patterns and pre-existing and custom Ext JS widgets, we are able to create the most powerful, consistent and simplest user interfaces possible.

Our Approach

Our approach is as simple as the solutions we strive to develop. We believe in the power of team work. So we partner with your team to aggressively pursue the most straightforward and simple custom user interface possible.

We do this through an exciting, yet rigorous set of iterative workshops using both industry standards as well as custom tools. In these workshops and workgroups we continuously prototype, test and deliver the most effective and efficient user interface possible by marrying your team’s knowledge of their business needs with our team’s proven experience in custom application design and development.

  • Identify user roles for research
  • Conduct user interviews and observation sessions
  • Develop Personas
  • Identify user scenarios
  • Create Storyboards
  • Develop the Information Architecture
  • Develop Wireframes
  • Test Wireframes with Users
  • Iterate through the Wireframes
  • Create selective high fidelity mockups



  • Assemble the click-through prototype from mockups
  • Test prototype with users
  • Iterate and improve prototype prior to development
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Sample Output