Enterprise customers need to address a host of issues when it comes to their mobile strategy. In our mobile practice, we consistently see the following challenges for our clients:

Responsive Design vs. User Centered Design: Businesses are giving more consideration towards adopting ‘responsive design’ to provide a flexible user experience for mobile devices as well as desktop systems. However, we believe that a ‘responsive design’ approach needs to be balanced with a ‘user-centered’ approach to create the optimal user experience.

Multiple platform support: Using a variety of mobile devices on different platforms to consume information throughout the day is a growing trend. Enterprises need to support applications for multiple platforms such as iOS and Android, to take advantage of this shift in behavior and do it in a way that minimizes re-work and speeds time to delivery.

Taking advantage of mobile site analytics: Site analytics help business users to understand how customers are using their site and to find opportunities to improve their user experience. Enterprises need the ’know-how’ to set up and fine tune site analytics as their mobile platforms mature.

Furthermore, mobile devices are able to harness sophisticated technologies such as GPS, Accelerometer and NFC, making for a richer environment to apply responsive design and build innovative applications. To address these challenges with quality and speed, we use frameworks such as Appcelerator Titanium to build native cross-platform mobile applications. Whatever the mobile challenge is, our custom solutions address your needs anywhere from extending web applications with a mobile experience to building smart cross-platform applications specifically for mobile devices.